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Netta aspires to promote a public dialogue on women in the workplace, by studying personal and social processes that delay the advancement of women, and by encouraging organizations and their chief executives to promote women and employ them in key positions.

Netta aims to instill women with the knowledge, tools, and skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

Netta works to create a professional network for women, so that they can assist one another in their common goals: to advance in the workplace and fulfill their professional potential.

Netta works to achieve its goals through two main channels: the personal and the organizational.

In Netta women may participate in various training programs for the advancement of women in their careers. Netta's diverse team of instructors also work in organizations with tailor made programs.

Specifically for organizations, Netta offers the "Netta Analysis®", which is a tool for evaluating the organizational environment on issues concerning the advancement of women, with the goal of identifying the barriers to women's advancement, and the conditions needed to overcome them.

About Netta

Netta was founded in 2006 by Dr. Yael Itzhaki, working together with a group of women, for the purpose of helping women to fulfill their professional aspirations and succeed in the workplace.

Dr. Itzhaki, a social psychologist, holds a PhD in Business Administration from Tel-Aviv University, and is a former lecturer in the Organizational Behavior program at TAU.

Since Netta opened its doors in October 2006, thousands of women have benefitted from Netta’s services in courses, workshops, lectures, and meetings focused on professional development and career promotion.

Netta accompanies women in career changes, career crossroads and advises them in their professional development.

Contact Us

Netta – Career Development Center

28 Lechi St., Bney Brak

For more information please call +972-3-9400444 or write to yael@netta.org.il

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